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Kasey A. Render Foundation

The Full Story

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My name is Kasey Ahmad Render and I am the founder of the Kasey A. Render Foundation, Inc. I have been involved in the South Miami Dade community for the last 11 years. I am an author, entrepreneur and creative producer.
I self published two self help books through my publishing company Wimbley-Render Creations and have a health and wellness company called Family Dreams Fitness.

​I began my non profit journey in 2012 as a sophomore in college. I was a servant leader intern for a non profit called South Dade Weed and Seed for 2 years. It was during this experience where I found my passion for mentoring and leading the youth. As a servant leader intern I led a group of 10 students ranging from kindergarten through the second grade.
During my time as a servant leader intern I helped at-risk youth learn how to read and write as well as chaperoned various field trips. Along with reading and writing, I served as a positive light for youth that were suffering from trauma at home and in their neighborhoods. The summer camp provided a safe haven for the youth in their biggest times of need.
I ultimately had to stop being a servant leader intern after 2 years because I needed to go back to UCF to complete my studies. 4 years later I moved back to Miami as an owner of 2 different companies, Wimbley-Render Creations and Family Dreams Fitness.​

While back in Miami, I decided to partner my company Family Dreams Fitness with a non profit called One Voice Community Coalition South Dade. With this partnership I was able to educate various communities in the South Miami Dade region on the importance of being healthy and positive as well as the importance of focusing on your mental health. I completed multiple speeches and exercise classes in an effort to instill a healthy lifestyle in the community.
In 2020, I decided to create my own non profit because I wanted to have a more direct impact on my community and the youth in particular. I strongly believe my story and testimony could free a lot of the minds of the lost and broken hearted.
While in college I suffered from a lot of mental trauma. In fact, I was baker acted in 2016 because I was suicidal and was on the verge of taking my life. It wasn’t until my mom called hysterically begging me not to do it that I snapped back into reality. I spent a week in a behavioral hospital which saved my life and gave me a new outlook on my future.
2 years passed then my closest uncle committed suicide and my mom was the last person to argue with him over the phone. The next year my grandma passed away from Alzheimer’s and 2 weeks later my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
In 2022, I had to place my mom in an Assisted Living Facility because her Alzheimer’s had gotten worse. I use all of my struggles and experiences to help others cope with their trauma. I mentor the youth in my community because it is imperative. Our youth are struggling and are lost. They need people that look like them who have experienced similar traumas to help steer them in the right direction.

​With my non profit I plan to have monthly community health fairs, monthly open discussions/panels, monthly community cleanup day/clothing drives, internships/externships as well as creating platforms for the youth to fully express themselves and understand not only their environment but their family history as well.
The Kasey A. Render Foundation is not only my way of being involved in the community but is an outlet for others to do the same. Together with other non profits and leaders in the community, I aim to build a solid infrastructure physically and mentally for our society to heal and elevate.

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