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Wimbley - Render Creations

Wimbley-Render Creations is an independent publishing company that focuses on authentic stories. We want to open the doors to your mind. After reading any of our projects, we hope to leave you searching for more in this lifetime. Our stories are vulnerable and honest. The goal is to entertain you with valuable lifelong substance that can assist you in future endeavors. 

A journey into the complexity of the mind making our deepest thoughts simple. BWPE: A Conversation With Yourself gives the reader a sense of power and purpose through the life story and lessons learned by the author. BWPE is not only your story, it is our story.

Our existence is merely an experience. An experience filled with habits and patterns backed by emotions and logic. All my life I’ve been trying to figure out my purpose. I am losing my pure innocence in this world. I am no longer as naive to my environment or those that comprise of it. This is a story about overcoming life's obstacles while keeping a smile on your face and maintaining a positive mindset. If you stay alive, I promise life gets better...

As I continue to grow more into who I am, I understand that we are all facing the same struggles. We are all searching for our inner peace and happiness.


With the world moving at such a rapid pace, it is easy to lose yourself. It is very easy to get caught up in the material world. My goal with this book is to bring the attention back within.

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